Entry: Just a Quickie... Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've been busy as a bee these past few weeks, so sorry yet again for the lack of updates y'all.  I'm surprised that there are still some of youse out there who drop by this very neglected and forsaken scrap of cyberspace, but all the same, I am VERY appreciative :) 

Anyways, what's been going on with me for the past month...

1)  HARRY HARRY HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With both the 5th film and the final book out within 10 days of each other it has been absolute Potter Overload for me...not that I'm complaining, of course!! ;)  For the record, I *LOVED* both and I PROMISE to blog full reviews on what I thought for both as soon as I can!!

2)  I've just been promoted to Duty Manager at work ^_^ 
I start training next week and I' am both excited and nervous.  There is so much more "background" work that goes on which I am going to need to learn aye; I'm guessing it will all be very overwhelming and maybe even difficult at first, but I am looking forward to the challenge somewhat. 

I'm sure there are some of you out there who are wondering what the big deal is since it's still, at the end of the day only a part-time job and not a professional one, but I'll have you know that I have a lot of pride in what I do.  I feel that I am good in what I do and that I have worked hard to get to where I am today.  Moreover part-time work here has way more credibility than how it is perceived back home in Malaysia.  I don't belive I am at a dead end job and am hopeful that where I am now will eventually get me to a more "professional" path and career...when the time is right.

3)  I move out - FINALLY!!
After years of contemplating and dreaming about it, I finally took the plunge and am moving out this weekend.  It's been a long time coming, but all that bloody time consumed traveling by bus to and from town and not having even a hint of a social life because of this reliance on the bus finally did me head in aye.   Plus I do mostly night shifts and it is such a pain having to take the bus home when you're already so knackered from a busy night at work (which will only get worse once I start doing manager shifts coz I'll be stuck with the graveyard ones :-S). 

So yeah, after much apartment hunting and things, I finally found a pretty neat place just up the road from work - how handy is that ;)  For those of youse who are in NZ or have been, I'll be living on City Road, just off Upper Queen Street.  This week has been pretty crazy with packing and buying stuff for my new place.  I've still loads to do and only 2 days left!!  It all feels kinda strange and whilst I am definitely excited I can't really imagine myself living on me own in town aye.  I guess I will miss having the family around but I will miss my CATS even more *sniff*


I best be off as I have an early class tomorrow but before I go, I'd better answer Eric's Tagged thingamaboby before I forget!!  Here goes...


What do you look at when you see a girl? The boobs or the butt orů?

How do you feel about plus size women? Would you date her?

Choose between your mom or you girlfriend?

Your place or mine tonight?

There is a hot gal at the party? How would you approach her? Would you do it if you are already attached?

Where or what would you do with your hot date if you are on a budget?

She has a stain on her shirt at her chest area. Would you tell her?

She spends more time with her gay best fren that hang out wit you. Would you be jealous?


What turns you on?  Guys in boxers or guys in briefs or nothing at all?
I'll say boxers ;)

Would you buy flowers for a guy as a present?
I would, but I think the only ocassion I would do that would be for a graduation :)

If your boyfriend doesn't have a car, would you drive him around?
We both don't have a car so we walk or bus :P  Which is perfectly fine and dandy coz we don't often venture further than town anyways.  But to answer the question, yes I would, definitely.  Don't see anything wrong with that ;)

Hot guy in a party, would you approach him?  If yes, how?
I would but only if he isn't already surrounded by a flock of other girls.  I wouldn't be confident enough to approach him if he was already dishing out attention to other chicks aye.  But yeah, if he was alone then I just might ;)  However, I am currently happily attached, so I would most definitely look but that's about it :P

Is size really that important?
LOL I like how every other girl who has answered this question, gets all skittish and innocently acts as if they don't know about what this question REALLY is referring to...pfffttt COME ON PEOPLE!!   My answer anyways is...no, not really ;)  I'm easy to please :P

He is the guy of your dreams.  Would you play hard to get?
I might at the start.  But once I'm fairly certain the feelings are mutual and that it could go somewhere, I stop the games.

He is an hour late for your date.  Would you still go out with him on the date or have a girl's night out?
I am someone who's BIG on punctuality.  So I would only still go out with him if I he had texted me or something telling me he was gonna be late.  Lucky for me, Eddie's just as big on punctuality as I am ^_^

You burped when you are kissing.  How would you handle this situation?
HAHAHAHA, OMG that would be soooo mortifying aye!!  Thank God it's never happened to me!!  But now I'm paranoid as hell!!  But ummm I guess I would just go "Ooops...my bad!!", laugh it off and hope he sees pass it? :P

Well that's me and I tag whoever that wants to do it...too lazy to think of people :P  But yeah, I really have to be off now and y'all won't be hearing from me in awhile more because it will take awhile before I get my Internet and stuff set up at my new place :)  I sure hope it won't take that long though, I can't survive without the Internet!!  Anyways, you guys have fun and I'll blog again soon...ish ;)  This time I'm not feeling so stink coz I know it won't be my fault!! *tee hee*


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