Entry: Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, folks!! Monday, May 07, 2007

Good Lord, I've been away from this place faaar too long aye...I mean, check out all the cobwebs and dust bunnies!!

Okay that was a tad lame, I apologize.

But seriously though, 2 /12 months, that's shameful.  I'm feeling really stink at the moment for having neglected this place so :(  It's strange, as I've always said, it's not like I have an avalanche of things going on in my life, but somehow I just don't have as much Internet time as I used to.  

Anyway I won't be surprised at all if this blog entry is falling on deaf ears but I truly hope that there is at least the ONE person out there who still drops by my blog once in awhile just to see if there is an update or two :P  If so, please leave me an "owl" so I get an ego boost and know that I still have fans out there ;)

So, what the flippin' heck has been going on in my life since my last entry??

Quite a bit, really.  Or more than usual, anyway.  Which really isn't a lot actually, but when you live a sad, unexciting life like I do and have been, even the slightest hiccough in your daily routine is a perk.
So here's a run-down of things that have been going on, mainly in the last month...

Yup, me and my other half have made the one-year mark :))))  While it may not be that big a deal to many of youse, it is to me because prior to this I've only ever had a string of VERY short-term relationships.  I was even convinced that there was something seriously wrong with me aye!!  Well it's been an absolute ride, this past year with Eddie - many firsts, heaps of movie dates (where it all started), lots of other outings of the crazy, exciting and even mundane - but equally memorable -
sort (not all at once though!!) and of course, one surreal trip to Vietnam ^_^  I feel so incredibly lucky to have him in my life and look forward to what lies ahead - I love you sweetie, thanks for being my everything *MUAH!!* ;)  

Another ocassion in the month of April but a slightly less celebratory one - my 24th. :-S  This year's birthday was definitely a very bittersweet one.  Bitter mostly because I'm getting so freakin' old!! *wail*  I've been having quite regular "down days" lately because of this.  I just feel that I haven't achieved anything at my age y'know?  I have nothing to show for at 24 :(  Eddie has been incredibly supportive which I'm so very thankful for.  He more than made up for the "sweet" part of this bittersweet ocassion, that's for sure :))) 

Because of him, I now have a PS2 (shut up, I know this is old stuff what with the PS3 and Xbox 360 around, but it's still a big deal to me!!) and also two fantastic games (well according to the reviews anyway!!) to boot, Okami and Final Fantasy X :D  I also got the incredibly flash new edition of Monopoly which has no cash, but instead a very cool swipey-debit/credit card-thingamaboby.  On top of all of that, my sweetie also baked me a cake ^_^  Coconut macaroon, so yummy!! 

Isn't my boyfriend the bestest?!?!?!  I sure think so :D 

Aside from celebrating with Eddie and the family, I also had a bit of a birthday "gathering" (can 15 people be considered a party?) thingy a few days before the real day at the Mexican Cafe.  I had an absolute blast.  Got completely plastered thanks to Wi Bian, Joseph and Brian...I have sworn to never again touch Bacardi 151 :-S  Absolute killer that one!!

I have to say, I was especially touched that so many turned up, it meant a lot :)  As I have shared many a time, I've always been quite friendless here in NZ.  My early years here have been one of loneliness and mild depression.  And so in saying
that, it's such a great feeling to now have people I can hang out with and stuff.  Thanks to everyone who was there, and thank you for all the lovely pressies too!! :)          

Pan's Labyrinth - Finally!!
Aside from Harry Potter, this was the movie that I had been looking forward to so much for...well since I first heard about it!!  Anyway I have been plugging this movie shamelessly at work because it is THAT awesome.  It didn't disappoint me one bit
and I was fully hooked from beginning to finish.  Every aspect of the film is brilliant, definitely one of my top faves of 2007.  So if you haven't seen it, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO!!

Harry, Harry and MORE Harry
Speaking of my favorite boy wizard *SquEeEeEee*, it is now just 2 months and 5 days away from the release of the fifth film - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  And then, just a mere *nine* days later, the final book of the series - Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows - will be released.  Talk about Harry Overload!! :D  I am beyond excited, July 12th and 21st could not seem farther away!!

The official international trailer actually released on my birthday - thanks Warner Bros. ;) - the movie looks like the best one yet.  And this is saying something as everyone knows I absolutely worship the 3rd film.  Anyway check it out yourself:  here it is!!

The New Me
As most of you should already know by now, I now wear glasses and also, I snipped off my lovely long locks for a more layered, shorter look *excuse the pun hehe*  Well guess what, I NOW have a different hair color too, and nope it's not what you would think.  Believe it or not, I'm back to my natural hair color!!  O_o  Iiii know, hard to imagine aye?!  This has been long overdue actually, I had been contemplating going back to black for awhile now.  Basically the regrowth was just getting way too annoying aye, gahhh bloody regrowth!!  I'm still getting used to having black hair again.  My brother says I look like an emo though, LOL.       

I'm gonna now take this opportunity to send out a great, big CONGRATULATIONS to Emily, a good friend from my Limkokwing days on her recent marriage *and* her coming baby!!  I'm sooo happy for you and I wish I could have made the wedding!!  I wish you all the happiness in the world!!  Next time I see you, you'll be a proud mummy...crikey, how time flies!!

Well I think that's all the update I have for now, but I will definitely try my very best to post again soon ish - I promise!!  'Til then, keep on rocking y'all and drop me a line whenever you can, many of us are way overdue for a catch up aye!!  


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