Entry: Nothing beats Old School Thursday, February 22, 2007


I don't know what brought me back in time 12 years - I mean, I can barely remember things that happened to me last week with my shoddy memory - but I've recently become hooked to Phantasmagoria again. 

Phantasmagoria, especially the first one, is the best game EVER!!

I swear.

Of course, technology has grown and developed by leaps and bounds so if you were to play it now, you would think the graphics beyond shocking and the acting rather cheesy, but if you think about it within the context that it was released in 1995 - utter brilliance.   (It was one of the first games to incorporate Full Motion Video in gameplay and use a human as the main player.)

Not only is it an awesome horror (to it's purest form, let me tell ya - the opening theme song itself gave me nightmares for weeks!!), but also the gameplay is very interactive and flexible which totally fits.  As for the storyline...so awesome.  The build up of the plot is perfect and the last quarter of the game is excellent - so suspenseful!! 

Its sequel was not as great as it was a totally different story and approach so I didn't enjoy it as much as it's predecessor but all the same, a good game too for it's time.

Anyway, I'm currently trying to get me copies of both on Ebay as I loaned my original copies to "mates" (*mutters*); I never got them back and true to my memory, I can't for the life of me who I lent it to anyways.  BAH!!


July 4, 2012   06:43 AM PDT
I'd actually love to review these boxes on my shopping/lifestyle blog. i wonder if they'd send me a sample box to talk about?,503402,http://feistykitty.blogdrive.com/archive/297.html
August 24, 2007   07:39 AM PDT
I never have played phantasmagoria but I love this kind of game too. I loved gabriel Knight series

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