Entry: I think it's time for an update... Friday, February 16, 2007

Some of the *few but I reckon blog-worthy* things that have been happening in my life...

Movies (of course!!)
If y'all haven't already watched Hollywoodland, please do - it's brilliant.  Thumbs up all 'round!!  However I must point out that you would have to like the whole film noir setting to truly appreciate it.  Another stellar performance from the amazing Adrien Brody - sorry Eddie, you know I love ya ;) 

Another movie Faith recommends is Stranger Than Fiction.  I really enjoyed this, very unique storyline and it was refreshing to see Will Ferrel take on a totally different, more serious role.

High School Musical
I have become extremely obsessed with this movie - much to Eddie's dismay :P  I've been listening to the soundtrack pretty much everyday...it's like back to the ol' Phantom of the Opera days, I tells ya!!  My family have had to endure my singing along to the songs all night every night and Eddie has had to live with my regular bursting into song (mostly "Breaking Free" hehe) every so often as we wander along Queen St :P  Don't worry, he assures me he is not embarrassed...yet :-S

Boyz II Men
Only found out they were having a concert like 2 weeks before, for some reason there hadn't been much publicity on it.  Anyhoo I kinda forgot about it and then barely a week before I remembered again.  Was really keen and luckily I managed to convince Patricia to accompany me for it, yay!!  Ended up getting really awesome seats too...not too shabby considering it was totally last minute!!  Anyway they were awesome (KCi & Jojo opened the show btw, they were alright) and I had fun, a nice change of activity from my normal routine :)

Valentine's Day
My first ever Valentine's spent with a "special someone"  ^_^  Didn't do anything big, just dinner at Al Dente, but I enjoyed it tremendously :)))  Thanks for a simple, but wonderful night out, darling ;)  Oooooh and I *finally* got High School Musical on DVD - thanks so much sweetie, although I honestly don't know what you were thinking, you shouldn't be encouraging this obsession of mine!!

And while I'm on the topic, just wanna take the opportunity to post a shout out to Eric - Happy Valentines and Happy Birthday to you, mate!! :D

The "New Me"?
I've recently undergone quite a change in my appearance.  I've always had a thing about needing to change my look every few months or so, it's about the only thing that I get easily bored about :P  Anyway for comparison sake, and because I really have no life and nothing better to do, check it out, yours truly over the recent years...


L-R Me 2004, 2005, 2006 respectively (ish)

Voila! ~ Moi 2007 :D

Yes, I had FINALLY gotten sick and tired of my long locks (have had them since I was 17!!) and so decided to take the brave step of going short again.  What do y'all reckon then??  Change for the better? ;)

Oh and of course, there is the glasses too hehe ;P  For those of youse who don't already know, I got 'em in Vietnam...coz they're waaaay cheaper there than if I were to have gotten them here in Auckland.  Eddie's pretty stoked about them; he has a thing with girls and glasses, y'see ;)


Eddie and I were having coffee at Starks this afternoon and you guys have gotta take a look at my Mocha, ain't it pretty???

I almost didn't have the heart to drink it :P  But then, who was I kidding, it's COFFEE!!! 

And yes, I am very easily amused.  This is why I love having a pxt phone :D 

Well that's it from me for now, 'til my next entry, youse all take care and have a good weekend yeah?! 


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you reckon?! YAY, thanks!! :D yeah eddie's pretty stoked too ;)
February 19, 2007   07:18 AM PST
hi faith, you're looking great! short and specs goes well with you =)

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