Entry: I've been tagged!! Sunday, January 28, 2007

Albeit four months ago but hey, who's counting right?? :P

This is gonna be hard as for me what with my memory but I'll try me best!!  Let's turn back the clock then...

When I was born...
I was ickle.  Tiny.  Miniscule.  Doctors couldn't believe mum was in labor and a baby was on the way.

When I was 1-5...
Lived for the first 2 years of that in the U.S. of A, while dad finished off his Masters.  Apparently I went to many places but sadly, I don't remember much, if not, anything :(  Returned to Malaysia with a heavy American accent and complained to my parents that people in Malaysia were "speaking funny" LOL.

When I was 6-9...
I remember kindergarten vaguely but I can't think of anything exciting or interesting to tell.  I do remember a class trip to the zoo and also actually having a graduation ceremony (complete with graduation robe and cap too - my parents probably still have the photo tucked away somewhere!!) on my last day.

Started primary school at age 7 not knowing a word of Malay.  Teachers wrote in my end-of-year report that  I was "hardworking, quiet (I can hear most of youse scoffing at this comment) and needs to pick up and start speaking more Malay".  Hmm.

When I was 10-13...
I remember primary school a bit more than I did kindergarten, definitely.  I made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies too.  I even remember getting into a bit of a "cat fight" with someone too!!

With the last year of primary school came the UPSR exams, of course.  I passed with flying colors, got straight A's.  I think my parents were convinced at the time that I was a brainiac and was gonna do them proud academically :P  (Sorry, mum and dad.)

I guess it was sorta true.  I recall always having awards and certificates to receive at the end-of-year prize giving ceremony.  (All this changed when I got to high school and just stopped giving a shit :P)

So yeah you could say I was pretty involved in school stuff back then.  Like it was during these years that I discovered I had this gift of "storytelling".  I moved from competing inter-form within the school to competing nationally.  I made it all the way to the finals but then got hit with an unfortunate bout of laryngitis (sp?) which affected my performance tremendously.  I came in 5th.

I also participated in debates, choral speaking and sketches.  Oooh, and entered a writing competition and not only won but got my story published in the local paper :)))  I believe my parents still have a copy lying around somewhere.

At age 13 I moved on up to secondary school.  I met a lot of new people, my circle of friends grew.  I was particularly close to these 2 girls (shame we've totally lost touch now); we were drawn together by our (then) collective obsession with The X-Files *cue X-Files theme music*

When I was 14...
I had to move school.  It sucked at the time but now on hindsight, it was definitely for the best.  Oh btw, it was quite a shift for me in the sense that I had been schooling at an all-girls school up to this point.  Now when I think back, I reckon it was a damn good thing I moved to co-ed aye.  I'm convinced most of my girl friends from the Convent whom I left behind have all become lesbians hehe.

Anyway at this time, I had started to become quite involved at church.  Joined the Youth Fellowship (YF) from the previous year and this year got appointed to join the committee.

When I was 15...
I didn't do too well in Form 2 so got into an average class stream.  The good news was everyone else in the class was pretty much way more slack than me so I did really well, LOL.  I also got to know Reena in this year (we're still in contact up to now, though only sporadically), she was a good laugh.

Sat for the PMR exams.  Did alright, 5 A's out of 7.  Realized how much I absolutely detested History and Geography. *barf*  Bane of my existence, those subjects, at the time.

I had really gotten into music by this time.  Listened to Hitz FM 24/7 and rung them up so often that the deejays began to recognize my voice.  I even started becoming really matey with one of them, John Boy :)

Was also totally crazy for british pop band, 911 (I wanted to marry lead singer Lee Brennan).   I had them splashed all over my walls, I remember (not so fondly remembered by my dad, though, let me assure you!!).

When I was 16...
I remember this age fondly.  It seems a lot happened that year.

Got really into Hitz FM.  Had pretty much daily chats with John Boy, he got me to help him out heaps with his show which was great fun.  Aside from him, also got fairly matey with Ross and Fabian - the three of them used to always hook me up with CD's and concert passes, it was so awesome!!  :D

On the schooling front, hitting Form 4 meant making the oh-so-important decision of which stream to take, arts or science.  Most buckled under peer pressure or got forced by their parents into the science stream.  I went against the tide and chose arts.  Everyone made me feel like I had made the worst decision ever and was wasting and holding back my intelligence by landing myself in the arts stream.  Close-minded arseholes.

Oh yeah, started getting really popular at church by this point.  Was really involved especially in the youth and music ministries.  Discovered that I really enjoyed singing around this time I think.  

And of course, how can I forget that I got hit on the head by a ten-foot netball pole?!  It was quite the blood bath.  I had to have 5 stitches in and the following day I went yellow from all that loss of blood.  It also hurt to laugh.  I recently realized that this is probably why I have blonde moments now and again.  

Another reason why this is a significant year in my memory - it was the year that I met my now *STILL* best friend, Samuel Yap ^_^  He had just transferred to our school.  My then best friend, Li-Yen, had a major crush on him (pretty much the moment she laid eyes on him, no less!!) and so that's how I got to know him.  Formed a bit of a tight knit group (Li-Yen, Lavy, Lydia, Sonia, Sam and moi - can you spot the thorn among the roses?), you should have heard the daily cacophony of laughs, bitching and umm, dirty jokes :P

When I was 17...
The infamous SPM year.  (Kinda equivalent to the SAT's for all you non-Malaysians reading this)  Really hectic year what with tuition everyday including for an extra subject I'd decided to take - English Literature.  My results?  4 A's out of 10.  Not exactly outstanding but by this point I had come to accept that academics wasn't really my thing.

My friendship with Eric (first got to know him when he joined the church 3 years ago) reached its peak this year.  He even started to fancy me hehe ;)  Up to this day I bet youse he still thinks the reason why nothing happened was because he was, in his words, "fat and not cute enough" *roll eyes*  Truth is, I felt he did have the "package", it's just that I didn't feel for him that way.  

Anyway I did get my first boyfriend this year :)  Sadly it didn't quite work out, we ended up only going out for a coupla weeks.  I wasn't ready for a relationship then, I don't think.

When I was 18...
Whoo hoo, the big 18!!  I can now legally drink and go clubbing.  And boy did I ;)  

Started college at Limkokwing.  Foundation in Advertising, Media and Broadcasting.  Got really close to Sonia as she was doing the same course (thank God for a familiar face!!).  Soon managed to form a new circle of friends (Joy, Emily, Benny, Ben...miss y'all heaps, hope you guys are doing great!!), we were inseparable!!

Also started working at TGv this year (where the cinema career began aye?!).  Got to know my dearest Ryan here, I still remember what an absolute sweetie to me he used to be ^_^  

When I was 19...
Left Limkokwing mid-year and started working at TGV full-time.  Became quite the "TGV bitch", customers hated me as much as I hated them.  Malaysian patrons are real bastards; very unpleasant and most treat you like you're a retard with no future.   

I started hanging out a lot with the people from work, naturally.  We went out clubbing every week - Tuesdays Ladies Night @ Planet Hollywood!! :D  Great fun that was, good times good times :)))

Managed to get Sam and also Jin Sern (another mate from high school) hired around this time.  Ryan hooked on to us and thus the "pig family" was born :)  Soon I'd appointed Sam as my best friend...and also personal chauffer ;)

Got my second go at a relationship.  It was with one of the managers...scandalous or what?? :P  I fell hard for him and though there were the good times, he turned out to be a royal bastard and a half.  After 6 months of quite a lot of ups and downs we called it quits.  He hurt me bad though :(

About 2 months later I kinda had a bit of a fling with someone at work :P  That went on for maybe a month and a bit?  That was pretty exciting, I suppose.  He was quite cute ;)

Christmas Eve brought a very sad, sad day however.  It was the day I left Malaysia to start a new life in the great Middle Earth.  It was VERY painful to leave :(  I still remember my farewell entourage, I was definitely touched that so many showed up, I felt so loved!!

When I was 20...
First year in NZ was tough.  Very tough.  I had no friends and so was very lonely.  I started learning to go about doing things by myself, for example, going to the movies.  Things got so bad that I suffered from depression for awhile.  Definitely one of the lowest points in my life.

Things perked up a bit when I started working at (Village) Skycity Cinemas.  People at work were way friendlier than my coursemates.  

I did however, make 2 friends in uni - Su-Yuen and Patricia.  I don't think I would have ended up being friends with them under any other circumstances but I'm glad that we did.  Definitely made life on campus a tad less depressing.  

I started becoming really close to Aaron, a random friend I'd gotten to know at a talent quest in Bali (the bar, not the place hehe) two years ago.  We wrote regular emails to each other.  He's such a sweetie ^_^   

My obsession for Harry Potter began here.  I finally had all the time in the world to read (from the absolute lack of a social life) so I bought the first book.  I picked it up, got hooked and the rest is history.

When I was 21...
Supposed to be a "significant" age to hit, but I didn't do anything big.  Life in NZ was pretty much still something that I endured.  

Got closer to Patricia this year because we had the same classes all year.    

Got even closer to Aaron.  I believe that we both knew that we were mutually attracted to each other ;)  Shame we were miles apart otherwise we could have been something pretty amazing, I reckon.  Oh well, if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be right?  (good thing too, of course!!)

Sonia came over for the year to finish up her degree which was a great bonus :D  Sadly, I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I'd like.  The irony is we actually chatted more when we were miles apart!! :P  Oh well, it was still comforting to know she was in the same country.

My love for Harry Potter had grown significantly by this time.  I discovered Veritaserum and applied to be a chat moderator on the site.  Coupla months later I requested to change to forums moderator as I was more active in that area :)  Made many good friends, which really surprised me, but in a good way :)   

When I was 22...
Final year of uni!!  Ended up having to specialize in Advertising because I couldn't get into any other major so that was a bit of a joke.  Assignments were bloody tough because many a time I felt so out of depth.  Didn't help that I really don't give a crap about the advertising industry aye.  

Because of the smaller group though, I did become slightly more "known" at uni.  I even had a little group of friends to hang out with in between classes!!  Hung out most with Helen, she was good fun, definitely couldn't have gotten through the year without her!!

Come mid year, I had the absolute time of my life because my 2 princes made a semi-surprise trip to visit me!! :)))  Did a whole bunch of stuff from sailing to visiting Hobbiton to dinner at a cabaret club - it certainly felt way shorter than 2 weeks, that's for sure!!  When they were leaving, I remember crying at the departure gate.  I also remember crying a lot after too :(  It had got me pretty down, their leaving.  It was because I knew that that was probably the last time I'll see them in a loooong time.  

After a 3 year hiatus, I got back into the relationship game.  It seems I still had it ;P  Anyway, it started off good but then things took a bit of a turn and then it just didn't, couldn't work out.  Ended in 2 weeks.  By this time I started getting really upset, thinking that there must definitely be something wrong with me.  That I'm doomed to never have a long-term relationship.  Patricia was an incredible friend to me during this time.  

When I was 23 to present...   
Previous year was definitely the best one since coming to NZ.

Firstly, I got the supervisor position at work in February :)  I was stoked!!  A promotion that was well-earned and truly deserved, if I do say so myself :P

I finally graduated with my BA in March.  It felt like it had taken me bloody ages, I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived!!  I didn't really care much for the actual ceremony, though.  Especially that stupid procession in the morning!!

And then of course, the best thing happened to me  - Eddie :)  

For 2 weeks in November we eloped to Vietnam.  Had an awesome time, couldn't have pictured being there with anyone else ;)  Those 2 weeks not only gave me a much needed breather from the stresses of life, but also proved to me that I'd met my match :D

And now, ten months later to present time, I'm stoked to say that things are going as great as ever ^_^  I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Having him in my life now makes the horrible, lonely years I had to endure worth it.

I love you, darling, thanks for making my days!!  MUAH!!

Phew, that took absolute ages!!  If you're reading this, blimey, I can't believe you read through all of that!!  Give yerself a pat on the back.  Hope I didn't bore you to tears, though!!

I tag whoever that has the time to spare and who would like to have a go at going down that memory lane!!


February 3, 2007   12:29 AM PST
so ngam i was thinking of you. so ngam i came here after so many months. so ngam i see my name mentioned here.

miss you, babe =)

i haven't seen you in years. but your blog tells me you're doing great =)

ps/by the way i've moved my blog.

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