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Monday, January 22, 2007
Helloooo?? [echo] [echo] [echo]

Okay now I know for sure that I'm talking to air this time  :(

I wouldn't blame y'all for leaving, I have become very slack with this blog of mine, haven't I?!  *major guilts*

Eloping to Vietnam was fantastic, it was just the break that I so very needed but then I come back home and it's back to reality; nothing has changed, it's just the same shit all over again. *SIGH*

I am currently VERY heavily in debt (aftermath of the holiday, of course) which is why I have been working my ass off ever since we got back got back to Auckland.  Last Friday was my first day off in three weeks, believe it or not!!

To add to that, as if I wasn't in enough of a financial gutter at the moment, a little over 2 weeks ago, SOME MOTHERF**KER from work stole my cellphone.  I still to this day cannot believe that someone I know, someone I work with and have surely had countless of conversations with, would steal from me.  How heartless is that??!  I cried all night - I mean, not only was it a very fancy phone, it took me MONTHS to save up for it.  Well I believe strongly in karma and I hope that it will come in the form of that poor excuse for a human being run over by a bus.

On to other things, I am still very much the crazy movie maniac y'all know and (hopefully!! *tee hee*) love.  Sadly I do not have the time to blog about each one of them as I usually do.  I will, however, pull out my top 4 from the past month which I highly enjoyed on varying levels: Saw 3, The Prestige, Babel and Happy Feet.  :))))

Speaking of which, I am *SO* in love with Ramon at the moment~!!!  I mean, how can you not, when he's voiced by the hilarious Robin Williams aye?!  I pretty much went into an absolute fit of incomprehensible baby noises when my darling Eddie got me the plush toy *sQueEeeeEeee*  You're the best, sweetie, love ya forever!!

I am also currently on a bit of a High School Musical "high", something which disturbs Eddie greatly hehehe.  I've been listening to the soundtrack like pretty much everyday...reminds me of my Phantom of the Opera days ;P 

So that's about it, really, I reckon I've pretty much brought y'all up to speed with what's been up with me since I last blogged.  And as youse can see, it hasn't been a whole lot :P  As I've said countless times, I lead a very sad life here.  If I'm not working, I'm out with Eddie and when I'm with him, we more often than not catch a movie.  There ya go, that's my life in a nutshell!!

I feel that my life is in a bit of a mess though, truth be told.  I just feel like time is going by so quickly and I seem to be falling behind.  I'm 23 and I don't have enough financial stability to fully support myself because I don't have a career because I do not know what the hell I want to do with my life.  God, what a vicious cycle!!  Other parts of my life I feel are slipping away too, all because I just do not have the time anymore!!  It's so frustrating.

I'm glad amiss all of this that I have Eddie, though.  He really has brightened my days and I honestly don't know what I'd do without him.   When I'm in one of those moods, having one of those days where I feel like just falling apart, I think of him and how I feel when I'm with him, and it suddenly all feels worth it.   It's like, I may be having the crappiest day but if at the end of it, I get to see him, it doesn't matter - like the light at the end of a tunnel y'know?!

I'm glad I've found you, darling, as cheesy as it sounds, you really do rock my world ;)  Love you!!

Arrghhh I was trying to upload some Vietnam piccies so I can link them on here but Photobucket seems to be playing up at the moment.  Next time, hopefully!!

Well I'm off to bed now but y'all take care now!!  I'll try to blog whenever I can but sad to say, I don't have as much time to do so as before.  But I'll try my bestest!!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Watched Eragon today before work.  We've pretty much caught up with our movies btw, don't we totally rock?! :P

It was alright.  I really didn't have any expectations for this movie, really.  I just watched it because I watch everything y'know?! 

Anyway yeah it was okay.  I guess I can say that I liked it a lot more than I thought I would?   I mean, I do like fantasy-themed movies. 

Tonight was like my first POS closing shift in absolute ages.  Since we got back, all my night shifts have been on floor.  And you know what?!  I've gotten incredibly rusty!!  I'm definitely not impressed with how I ran the shift tonight aye, so many things I forgot and stuff grrr... *dissatisfied* 

I need to get back my POS closings again like before!!  I won't stand for an average performance like tonight, I must be the best!!

Ahem.  Sorry y'all, that was my competitive streak talking there :P  I'll shut up now.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Just a short one

I didn't mean what I said before, sweetie.  I still love you ooookay??  It's just being "emo" again, I'm sorry.  I'm working on it, though, so please pleaaaase bear with me.

PS : Patricia, it was soooo good to finally catch up aye!!  As I told you today, I really needed our bonding session so thanks!!  Will definitely have to do it again sometime :)

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Monday, December 11, 2006
Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan


My eyes, my eyes!!!

Isn't that the grossest, most obscene swimming costume you've ever seen??!

I can't think of anyone else who would ever have the *ahem* balls to wear that aye. 

Any takers??? :P

Major kudos to you Sacha Baron Cohen - you the man.

Anyway, this movie is an absolute bag of laughs.  Do not miss it for the world.  The only other movie which could possibly give it a run for it's money is Clerks 2.

Ahhhh toilet humor aye?!

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Friday, December 08, 2006
Tristram Shandy

Today we decided to make a trip to fancy, fancy Rialto - our first since we got back from Vietnam - to watch Tristram Shandy : A Cock and Bull Story.

Oh Rialto, how we've missed you so!!!!  Didn't have the time to get my usual Lindauer, though *disappointed*  Must do so next visit.

Anyway, this was one of the movies that we were so worried wouldn't be playingan anymore when we got back.  Luckily movies tend to play for aaaages in  Rialto.

I'm really glad we didn't miss it aye!!  It was brilliant.  Hilarious and very entertaining *thumbs up!!*  I liked the whole setup, the whole "post-cinema" feel it had to it...played out really well.

Eddie and I have decided to make Fridays our one permanent day off in the week.  I like this arrangement ^_^  I just don't want to get all stressed like before aye, I need at least the one day off where I don't have to worry about work and just kick back and relax y'know?!

Anyhoooo I'm off for now, y'all have a good weekend then alright?!  Have fun go mad!!  Catch y'all laterrrr...

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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Slugs can be cute?!

Watched Flushed Away today before work.

I don't understand why it's a blockbuster. 

Anyway, I liked it.  The scenes with the singing slugs were the best parts, IMHO hehe :P  I never thought I'd say this about sewer slugs but...they were so adoptable :D 

Especially that cute screaming one - which incidentally, just fyi, was done by Hugh Jackman, LOL. 

I thought Jean Reno was pretty hilarious as Le Frog, although he was a very strange looking frog :P

Eddie's surprised I liked it as much as I did considering it was a movie with slugs, frogs AND rats...all 3 of which I absolutely quiver with fear at the mere sight of them.

Wonders of animation aye?! ;)

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I can't wait for Christmas!!

Watched Polar Express on IMAX today.  Second time for me; first time was back in Malaysia, also on IMAX.

And just like the first time, the movie has managed to yet again put me in a very happy Christmasey mood :)))

What can I say - I love Christmas ^_^ 

I love everything about it - Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas carols... :)))

Eddie is very amused by this.  ;P

Oh one thing I don't like about Christmas...Christmas shopping :-S  Each year I get more and more slack. *shame*

And this year I have the boyfriend to think about too, aarrghhh!!  That one's gonna be the hardest coz it's GOT to be perfect.

Okily dokily, I gotta run, but before I do, just a little something on a more subdued note that I want to add...

NOTE TO SELF : Must learn to be less sensitive.  Pull your head in, Faith.  This is the best thing that's ever happened to you and you don't want to lose it over trivial matters.

Okay, I'm done.  Au revoir, peeps.

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Monday, December 04, 2006
So many movies, so little time!!

Of all the 2 weeks to be away for, it had to be the 2 weeks when a whole bunch of good movies are coming out, noooo!!

Well I'm not tooo worried, I'm fairly confident we'll be able to catch up.  I mean, it's us, for crying out loud.  We practically live at the movies, as y'all being my faithful readers will well know :P

So over the weekend we watched Children Of Men, The Departed, and also we got to watch a special staff advanced midnight screening of Casino Royale!!  (Well Eddie was stoked about that; I just went because of him.  And now he has to return the favor by going for the midnight screening of Harry Potter 5 *tee hee*)

I had been looking forward to Children Of Men for awhile now because I do like Alfonso Cuaron.  And I swear it's not just because he directed Prisoner of Azkaban, my favorite HP film...really!! :P  Well, although the story kinda bombed, I thought it was done very well.  Definitely tecnique over substance y'know?

The Departed was really good; excellent storyline, strong cast, good dialogue, the pro's are endless, really.  Although I did tune out at certain points during the movie - still jet-lagged y'see - so I'm gonna have to catch it again sometime, if I get the chance.  But yeah, this one's definitely one not to miss!!

As for the latest installment of Bond, it was just okay for me.  I mean, I'm not a fan so I guess I just don't really see the fuss y'know?!  I'm ashamed to say I dozed off at quite a few parts - it's the jet lag I tells ya!!  Oh well, as I said, I only went coz Eddie was dying to see it.  I was perfectly fine waiting to see it only when it released officially. 

Anyway, overall I think it was a good action film but just one that would most likely only really appeal to Bond fans.  Oh, and one thing I have to point out...I don't think the new guy (forgot his name) pulled off the Bond character, IMHO.   He was good, don't get me wrong, I just don't think he had the "suave" look that you need to play James Bond.  Like Pierce Brosnan y'know?!

On to other things... Going back to work after not having worked for 2 weeks was a tad strange, I must say!!  Although it was definitely good to be back.  Towards the end of our trip, I did tell Eddie that I was missing work, believe it or not.  What can I say, I'm a workaholic...guilty as charged!! :P

Oh btw, I now wear glasses, people!!  They were cheap as in Vietnam (along with just about everything else really!!) so I thought might as well since there was no way I was gonna be able to afford them in NZ.

Sadly, I can't keep kidding myself and boasting to everyone that I have perfect eyesight coz I don't :((  Sign of old age??  NO!!! *cry*   Anyway what was amusing was that - and Eddie predicted this - a lot of people actually didn't notice!!  Which is really surprising, I find, coz I reckon I look pretty damn different with glasses!!

Anyways, it's late and it's been quite a hectic first few days back, so I should try and catch up on some shut-eye.  Talk to y'all later then!!

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Friday, December 01, 2006
I'm still alive, don't panic!!

My sincerest apologies to all my loyal fans.

Please don't leave because of this, I swear I won't just disappear like that again...truly!!

The last month and a half or so have been reaaaaally crazy for me.  I think I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew, what with working almost everyday and having to deal with end-of-term uni stress :-S

This meant that I hardly had any time to myself (and any time I did manage to scrape I spent with Eddie, of course - yes, as you can see, I've got my priorities all sorted, I have!! ;P) which explains why I haven't blogged in an absolute age. 

At this point I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies yet again - I mean, I *know* how important my blog is to all of youse.  How you guys must have suffered when y'all couldn't read about my oh-so-exciting life and gain my very valuable pearls of wisdom...

I am still as modest as ever, yes.  Don't you all just LOVE ME??!! :D

Anyway, I'm absolutely fine and dandy now...in fact, I've never been better!!  ^_^ 

Why, you may ask?

Well for those of youse who don't already know, I just spent the last 2 weeks in - get ready for it - Vietnam; eloped with the boyfriend for a much anticipated holiday :)))))

I guess you could call it a honeymoon...although there wasn't a wedding :P

It was definitely a much needed break aye; I was way overdue for a timeout and plus, Eddie and I were due for some quality "us" time too ^_^

Anyhoo, overall the trip was awesome, I had an amazing time!!  Vietnam's interesting; totally different world to what I'm used to but it was an experience that I'm glad I had.  I'm especially glad that I got to share it with you, darling ^_^ 

To sum in 3 words - noisy (about a gazillion motorcycles tooting like there's no tomorrow), hazy and so f**king HOT!!  I may have been born in a tropical country but NZ weather has definitely spoilt me (even though I bitch about it all the time hehe). Poor Eddie had to deal with my being cranky pretty much as long as the sun was up :P  He dealt with it like an absolute trooper though - you're the best, sweetie!!

Once I have some pictures to put up, I'll tell y'all some more stories from my trip.  But for now, I'm off...still rather jet lagged and since I'm back to work tomorrow (back to reality *sigh*) I really should rest up.

Hope everyone's been keeping well while I was away!!

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Friday, September 22, 2006
of Nascar racing and a...Narf

Pheew...what a long day it's been!!

Firstly, met up with Eddie for brunch during his break.  We've started frequenting Sierra Cafe coz not only do they serve cheap and tasty coffees but they also have yummilicious breakfast meals :D

After that, we parted ways for the day; Eddie to class and myself, work.  It was a mid shift so 'twas cruisey as. :)  I always like being the mid sup coz you don't have the responsibility of running the shift but you still have your sup privileges ^_^  Today I only had to go out front once to cover Lina when she went on break, but aside from that, I stayed out back all shift rolling ice creams hehehe.

Towards the end of my shift I made it my mission to hunt down "the perfect nuttop" for Eddie ^_^  Had a bit of a "Nuttop Idol" going on too, with the POS staff being the voters, LOL.  Narrowed it down to two pretty awesome nuttops and though it was a VERY close call, I managed to pull out a winner in the end. 

I stashed it in a corner freezer labeled specially and when I met up again with Eddie for our movie, he bought it :)))  We watched Talladega Nights : The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  It was alright, typical Will Ferrell movie.  I've never really liked him too much albeit he is pretty funny.  I have to give him props for his role in The Producers, though.  He was hilarious in that!!  Anyway, yeah it was just okay.  I s'pose the racing was pretty cool but then again, not really my cup of tea :P

After the movie, we went to have Japanese for dinner, before our next movie - Lady In The WaterI know, 2 movies!!  Rarely happens with us!!  Thing is, for some reason we hadn't gotten round to watching it prior to this and now it's just down to the one session at night which is a tad inconvenient.  BUT as most of youse should know, M. Night Shyamalan is like my favorite director so there was NO WAY I was gonna miss this!!

I had high hopes, of course, but sadly, I'd not heard one good review about it :(  Still, I was optimistic.  I'm glad to say that I wasn't disappointed :D  I really did quite enjoy it.  Eddie didn't but he's fussy so pffft ;P  But yeah, I guess you'd have to be into the whole fairy tale slash fantasy type premise to get and enjoy the film.             

I do not think this was M. Night Shyamalan's best effort, there were definitely parts I didn't quite like or where I saw room for improvement.  (But then again, what do I know aye?! :P)  But overall, the premise had enough of a hook to hold me and keep me in suspense, especially as the plot progressed and built up.

It's interesting, this notion of interpretation.  Coming from a media/communication studies background, I learnt that how a person interprets (or in communication-speak, decodes, hehe) something is dependant on their ethnography - past experiences, prejudices, cultural background, social class, etc etc.  In relation to film, sometimes I do wonder whether the reason why I tend to be unfussy about movies is because of just that, that I'm easy to please, or because, maybe deep down I really am just your average viewer in the mainstream audience.  

I'd like to think that I'm not the latter.  I do take notice and appreciate the technical details of films.  I enjoy what you would call "high art" films (the kind that play at Rialto and feature at film festivals).  But so what?  Sometimes when I enjoyed a film when everyone else hated it - Lady In The Water being the classic example - I wonder why.  It's worse when the people that hated it look at you ludicrously when they find out you actually liked it.  Sometimes I figure it's just better to keep my opinion to myself y'know?!  Which is a tad difficult since I can be very opinionated ;) 

... Okay well that's enough thought for me, I think :P  It's been a looong day and I'm opening tomorrow so I should really hit the sack now.  Have a good weekend y'all!!

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