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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Anthony's long lost twin?

Warning : I may sound a lot like a screaming, giggling teeny bopper in this post, I apologize in advance, please bear with me folks!! :P

OMG earlier tonight at work, I served this guy that was the SPITTING IMAGE of the gorgeous hunk whom y'all know I absolutely adore - Anthony Callea!!

*girlie squeal*

I was trying not to gawk at him and I think I succeeded, but crikey, he could've been the real deal aye!!  I highly doubt it, of course, but what are the odds of me serving someone that looks so much like the one guy I think is the hottest thing on this earth??!

Eddie was working too and when I told him about it after, the poor sweetie wasn't too chuffed that I was going on and on about this cute guy *~ AWWWW ~* but I reckon he was a tad amused all the same ;)  (and you're kinda cute yourself, darling, especially when you go a shade of green hehehe)

Anyway that put me on a bit of a high, it did *tee hee*

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