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Thursday, August 02, 2007
Just a Quickie...

I've been busy as a bee these past few weeks, so sorry yet again for the lack of updates y'all.  I'm surprised that there are still some of youse out there who drop by this very neglected and forsaken scrap of cyberspace, but all the same, I am VERY appreciative :) 

Anyways, what's been going on with me for the past month...

1)  HARRY HARRY HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With both the 5th film and the final book out within 10 days of each other it has been absolute Potter Overload for me...not that I'm complaining, of course!! ;)  For the record, I *LOVED* both and I PROMISE to blog full reviews on what I thought for both as soon as I can!!

2)  I've just been promoted to Duty Manager at work ^_^ 
I start training next week and I' am both excited and nervous.  There is so much more "background" work that goes on which I am going to need to learn aye; I'm guessing it will all be very overwhelming and maybe even difficult at first, but I am looking forward to the challenge somewhat. 

I'm sure there are some of you out there who are wondering what the big deal is since it's still, at the end of the day only a part-time job and not a professional one, but I'll have you know that I have a lot of pride in what I do.  I feel that I am good in what I do and that I have worked hard to get to where I am today.  Moreover part-time work here has way more credibility than how it is perceived back home in Malaysia.  I don't belive I am at a dead end job and am hopeful that where I am now will eventually get me to a more "professional" path and career...when the time is right.

3)  I move out - FINALLY!!
After years of contemplating and dreaming about it, I finally took the plunge and am moving out this weekend.  It's been a long time coming, but all that bloody time consumed traveling by bus to and from town and not having even a hint of a social life because of this reliance on the bus finally did me head in aye.   Plus I do mostly night shifts and it is such a pain having to take the bus home when you're already so knackered from a busy night at work (which will only get worse once I start doing manager shifts coz I'll be stuck with the graveyard ones :-S). 

So yeah, after much apartment hunting and things, I finally found a pretty neat place just up the road from work - how handy is that ;)  For those of youse who are in NZ or have been, I'll be living on City Road, just off Upper Queen Street.  This week has been pretty crazy with packing and buying stuff for my new place.  I've still loads to do and only 2 days left!!  It all feels kinda strange and whilst I am definitely excited I can't really imagine myself living on me own in town aye.  I guess I will miss having the family around but I will miss my CATS even more *sniff*


I best be off as I have an early class tomorrow but before I go, I'd better answer Eric's Tagged thingamaboby before I forget!!  Here goes...


What do you look at when you see a girl? The boobs or the butt or…?

How do you feel about plus size women? Would you date her?

Choose between your mom or you girlfriend?

Your place or mine tonight?

There is a hot gal at the party? How would you approach her? Would you do it if you are already attached?

Where or what would you do with your hot date if you are on a budget?

She has a stain on her shirt at her chest area. Would you tell her?

She spends more time with her gay best fren that hang out wit you. Would you be jealous?


What turns you on?  Guys in boxers or guys in briefs or nothing at all?
I'll say boxers ;)

Would you buy flowers for a guy as a present?
I would, but I think the only ocassion I would do that would be for a graduation :)

If your boyfriend doesn't have a car, would you drive him around?
We both don't have a car so we walk or bus :P  Which is perfectly fine and dandy coz we don't often venture further than town anyways.  But to answer the question, yes I would, definitely.  Don't see anything wrong with that ;)

Hot guy in a party, would you approach him?  If yes, how?
I would but only if he isn't already surrounded by a flock of other girls.  I wouldn't be confident enough to approach him if he was already dishing out attention to other chicks aye.  But yeah, if he was alone then I just might ;)  However, I am currently happily attached, so I would most definitely look but that's about it :P

Is size really that important?
LOL I like how every other girl who has answered this question, gets all skittish and innocently acts as if they don't know about what this question REALLY is referring to...pfffttt COME ON PEOPLE!!   My answer anyways is...no, not really ;)  I'm easy to please :P

He is the guy of your dreams.  Would you play hard to get?
I might at the start.  But once I'm fairly certain the feelings are mutual and that it could go somewhere, I stop the games.

He is an hour late for your date.  Would you still go out with him on the date or have a girl's night out?
I am someone who's BIG on punctuality.  So I would only still go out with him if I he had texted me or something telling me he was gonna be late.  Lucky for me, Eddie's just as big on punctuality as I am ^_^

You burped when you are kissing.  How would you handle this situation?
HAHAHAHA, OMG that would be soooo mortifying aye!!  Thank God it's never happened to me!!  But now I'm paranoid as hell!!  But ummm I guess I would just go "Ooops...my bad!!", laugh it off and hope he sees pass it? :P

Well that's me and I tag whoever that wants to do it...too lazy to think of people :P  But yeah, I really have to be off now and y'all won't be hearing from me in awhile more because it will take awhile before I get my Internet and stuff set up at my new place :)  I sure hope it won't take that long though, I can't survive without the Internet!!  Anyways, you guys have fun and I'll blog again soon...ish ;)  This time I'm not feeling so stink coz I know it won't be my fault!! *tee hee*

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Bits and Bobs...

Just watched Paris Je T'aime - loved it.  I still can't get over how beautiful the French language is - even the swear words!!  I want to go to Paris even more now.

Today marks 2 more weeks to the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - OMG I cannot wait!!   I am almost beside myself with excitement...Eddie is getting increasingly worried for his safety :P

Just so I can gloat, this is the first time ever that NZ will be the FIRST country to watch Harry - how awesome is that?!  We've been a week behind for the last 2 films, it was absolutely excruciating for me, as I'm sure youse all would know!!

Winter is finally upon us and so it's back to me wearing bloody FOUR LAYERS of clothing!!

That being said, I am *SO* wanting a new pair of boots for the season aye.  It is sooo annoying having to walk by Overland and Andrea Biani everyday, I swear I can hear the boots taunting me!!

It has been a work-in-progress for a few months now but I am currently giving Eddie a makeover *tee hee*  I must say he is looking pretty damn fine now although it is a double-edged sword as now I have to bat off the girls *cough* and boys *cough*

I am currently utterly OBSESSED with this Belgian Biscuit.  It's like heaven in the form of a cookie...so tasty!!

And that's about all I have to say for now...I'm kinda wondering if I'm talking to air though since I think everyone has pretty much given up on visiting my blog :( 

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Friday, June 22, 2007
I'm back...

At some point we all have to choose - do we fall back on what we know?  Or do we step forward to something new?  It's hard not to be haunted by our past.  Our history is what shapes us.  Our history resurfaces time after time after time.  So we have to remember sometimes the most important history is the history we're making today.

It's scary what can speak to you.  That excerpt was from tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy.  When Meredith's voiceover began, those words just jumped out at me; it felt as if it was written especially for me.

I'm in one of my sombre moods again :( 

Today marks my officially being on break for the next 3 weeks or so *wOot*  Final exams were alright, I think I bombed British Cinema but Popular Music I think I might be able to pull out a decent grade.  Overall, I've enjoyed this semester, good papers they were ^_^

I'm sick of my blog layout, I need a new one.  **hint hint Su-Yuen hehehe**

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Tagged by Eric Cheong!!

All I have time for these days, really...sorry folks, I promise a proper update soon-ish...most likely after next week, when final exams are out of the way!! (*wOot*)

Anyhoo here goes... (I found this one pretty random BTW but oh well)

1) Name one person who made you smile last night.
Eddie...he makes me smile all the time ;)

2) What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
Still fast asleep... ^_^

3) What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Sending off a goodnight text to Eddie :)

4) What was something that happened to you in 2006?
I went on an amazing getaway trip to Vietnam with my special someone :)))

5) What is the last thing you said aloud?
Can't remember, sorry :P

6) How many different things did you drink today?
Mocha, Cranberry Juice

7) What color is your hairbrush?
Blue...I also have a pink mini version for my handbag ;)

8) What was the last thing you paid for?
Bus fare to Newmarket

9) Where were you last night?
Watching movie, The Lives Of Others

10) What color is your front door?

11) Where do you keep your change?
Coin purse

12) What is the weather like today?
Really chilly *bRrRrr* Sure sign that winter is finally here :'(

13) What is the best ice cream flavor?
Hokey Pokey!!

14) What is something you are excited about?
Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix film July 12th 2007 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows final book July 21st 2007 :D

15) Do you want to cut your hair?
I cut it semi-recently, I like my new shorter style :)

16) Are you over the age of 25?
No but I'm getting there *wail*

17) Do you talk a lot?
Haha excessively!!

18) Do you watch The O.C.?
Nope but Dallas is trying to get me to!!

19) Do you know anyone named Steven?

20) Do you make up your own words?
Ummm sadly, yes (Eddie will totally know what I'm talking about here...aye sweetie? ;P)

21) Are you typically a jealous person?
HAHA yes...ask Eddie :P

22) Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A"
Dearest Aaron...miss ya heaps you!!

23) Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "K"
Kelvin, from work

24) Who's the 1st person on your received calls list?
Wi Bian :)

25) What did the last text message you received say?
"I know" - Alban

26) Do you chew on your straws?
Yes...and I don't even realize it!!

27) Do you have curly hair?
Nope, it's chemically straightened LOL

28) Where is the next place you're going?
Town...it's my 2nd home

29) Who is the rudest person in your life?
Don't have anyone in my life but I have had some real rude bastards and dickheads at work!!

30) What is the last thing you ate?
Mandarin orange

31) Is marriage in your future?
I sure hope so!!

32) What is the best movie you've seen in the past two weeks?
The Lives Of Others - brilliant film!!

33) Is there anyone you like right now?
More than like ;)  I LOVE EDDIE :D

34) When was the last time you did the dishes?
This morning

35) Are you currently depressed?
Nope but I have been kinda in recent weeks...

36) Did you cry today?

37) Why did you answer and post this?
Because I got tagged by Eric to do so :P

38) Tag 5 people who would do this?
Paul, Joy, Melanie, Wai Yee, Markus...and anyone else who has nothing better to do!!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Tagged Thingamaboby

Fairly interesting "tagged" thingy from Joy's blog, thought I'd do it since I'm on a roll!!  Feel free to do it too if you have nothing better to do with your time!!


Name : Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Date of birth : April 22nd, 1983

Current status : Very happily attached :)))

Eye color : Very dark brown

Hair color : I'm back to black - how boring :P

Right or left handed : Righty

Zodiac : Taurus


My heritage : Mostly Malaysian Chinese with a splash of Straits Chinese and a dash of Thai ;)

My fear : Heaps of things, I'm such a wuss!!  I'm afraid of frogs, rats, big lizards and the

dark to name a few!!  On a more serious note, I actually recently discovered I have a great fear of change :-S

My weakness : I care too much and I overthink things.

My perfect pizza : The Pepperoni pizza from Domino's is pretty damn perfect ^_^


Your first thought waking up : Nope, I can't wake up just yet, sorry!!

Tomorrow : Lunch with Eddie at 1pm, two hours to kill on me own while he's at class, 4pm we'd go for coffee and maybe a bite to eat before work at 530pm - yes we're very boring people :P

Your bedtime : About 12ish

Most missed memory : Hanging out with Sam and the gang.  Even if it's just to the mamak in SS2, I miss that heaps


Pepsi or Coke : Coke, although I quite like Pepsi too.  I'm not a big fan of fizzy drinks

McD or Burger King : BK here, McD's in M'sia

Single or group dates : Single, definitely!!  I don't like to share :P

Adidas or Nike : Nike, for sure!!  I'm very mainstream, so sue me

Lipton Tea or Nestea : Nestea definitely!!

Chocolate or vanilla : Chocolate, no contest!!

Cappuccino or coffee : Ummm a Mocha :P

PART 5 : DO YOU...?

Smoke : Nope and have never tried either

Curse : Yes, like a sailor.  Especially when I'm drunk ;P


Drank alcohol : Hehe yes, at my birthday thing.  Got completely hammered but that's for another story...

Gone to the mall : Yup on the same day of my birthday thing to get my hair done ^_^

Been on stage : Nope, haven't in ages.  I really miss it actually

Eaten sushi : Prolly have, maybe once?  Don't eat sushi too often


1 minute ago : Texting Eddie ;)

1 hour ago : Updating my blog (yeah I know, finally!!)

4 1/2 hours ago : Having dinner

1 month ago : It was a Sunday so working, sadly

1 year ago : Who knows?!  I can barely remember stuff I did last week!!


I love : Eddie :)

I feel : annoyed at Vodafone at the moment coz it's not sending my texts

I hate : societal pressure and change

I hide : my troubles with a cheery exterior

I miss : hanging out with Sam and the gang at our local haunts - good times, good times :)

I need : a plan for my life!!

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Monday, May 07, 2007
Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, folks!!

Good Lord, I've been away from this place faaar too long aye...I mean, check out all the cobwebs and dust bunnies!!

Okay that was a tad lame, I apologize.

But seriously though, 2 /12 months, that's shameful.  I'm feeling really stink at the moment for having neglected this place so :(  It's strange, as I've always said, it's not like I have an avalanche of things going on in my life, but somehow I just don't have as much Internet time as I used to.  

Anyway I won't be surprised at all if this blog entry is falling on deaf ears but I truly hope that there is at least the ONE person out there who still drops by my blog once in awhile just to see if there is an update or two :P  If so, please leave me an "owl" so I get an ego boost and know that I still have fans out there ;)

So, what the flippin' heck has been going on in my life since my last entry??

Quite a bit, really.  Or more than usual, anyway.  Which really isn't a lot actually, but when you live a sad, unexciting life like I do and have been, even the slightest hiccough in your daily routine is a perk.
So here's a run-down of things that have been going on, mainly in the last month...

Yup, me and my other half have made the one-year mark :))))  While it may not be that big a deal to many of youse, it is to me because prior to this I've only ever had a string of VERY short-term relationships.  I was even convinced that there was something seriously wrong with me aye!!  Well it's been an absolute ride, this past year with Eddie - many firsts, heaps of movie dates (where it all started), lots of other outings of the crazy, exciting and even mundane - but equally memorable -
sort (not all at once though!!) and of course, one surreal trip to Vietnam ^_^  I feel so incredibly lucky to have him in my life and look forward to what lies ahead - I love you sweetie, thanks for being my everything *MUAH!!* ;)  

Another ocassion in the month of April but a slightly less celebratory one - my 24th. :-S  This year's birthday was definitely a very bittersweet one.  Bitter mostly because I'm getting so freakin' old!! *wail*  I've been having quite regular "down days" lately because of this.  I just feel that I haven't achieved anything at my age y'know?  I have nothing to show for at 24 :(  Eddie has been incredibly supportive which I'm so very thankful for.  He more than made up for the "sweet" part of this bittersweet ocassion, that's for sure :))) 

Because of him, I now have a PS2 (shut up, I know this is old stuff what with the PS3 and Xbox 360 around, but it's still a big deal to me!!) and also two fantastic games (well according to the reviews anyway!!) to boot, Okami and Final Fantasy X :D  I also got the incredibly flash new edition of Monopoly which has no cash, but instead a very cool swipey-debit/credit card-thingamaboby.  On top of all of that, my sweetie also baked me a cake ^_^  Coconut macaroon, so yummy!! 

Isn't my boyfriend the bestest?!?!?!  I sure think so :D 

Aside from celebrating with Eddie and the family, I also had a bit of a birthday "gathering" (can 15 people be considered a party?) thingy a few days before the real day at the Mexican Cafe.  I had an absolute blast.  Got completely plastered thanks to Wi Bian, Joseph and Brian...I have sworn to never again touch Bacardi 151 :-S  Absolute killer that one!!

I have to say, I was especially touched that so many turned up, it meant a lot :)  As I have shared many a time, I've always been quite friendless here in NZ.  My early years here have been one of loneliness and mild depression.  And so in saying
that, it's such a great feeling to now have people I can hang out with and stuff.  Thanks to everyone who was there, and thank you for all the lovely pressies too!! :)          

Pan's Labyrinth - Finally!!
Aside from Harry Potter, this was the movie that I had been looking forward to so much for...well since I first heard about it!!  Anyway I have been plugging this movie shamelessly at work because it is THAT awesome.  It didn't disappoint me one bit
and I was fully hooked from beginning to finish.  Every aspect of the film is brilliant, definitely one of my top faves of 2007.  So if you haven't seen it, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO!!

Harry, Harry and MORE Harry
Speaking of my favorite boy wizard *SquEeEeEee*, it is now just 2 months and 5 days away from the release of the fifth film - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  And then, just a mere *nine* days later, the final book of the series - Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows - will be released.  Talk about Harry Overload!! :D  I am beyond excited, July 12th and 21st could not seem farther away!!

The official international trailer actually released on my birthday - thanks Warner Bros. ;) - the movie looks like the best one yet.  And this is saying something as everyone knows I absolutely worship the 3rd film.  Anyway check it out yourself:  here it is!!

The New Me
As most of you should already know by now, I now wear glasses and also, I snipped off my lovely long locks for a more layered, shorter look *excuse the pun hehe*  Well guess what, I NOW have a different hair color too, and nope it's not what you would think.  Believe it or not, I'm back to my natural hair color!!  O_o  Iiii know, hard to imagine aye?!  This has been long overdue actually, I had been contemplating going back to black for awhile now.  Basically the regrowth was just getting way too annoying aye, gahhh bloody regrowth!!  I'm still getting used to having black hair again.  My brother says I look like an emo though, LOL.       

I'm gonna now take this opportunity to send out a great, big CONGRATULATIONS to Emily, a good friend from my Limkokwing days on her recent marriage *and* her coming baby!!  I'm sooo happy for you and I wish I could have made the wedding!!  I wish you all the happiness in the world!!  Next time I see you, you'll be a proud mummy...crikey, how time flies!!

Well I think that's all the update I have for now, but I will definitely try my very best to post again soon ish - I promise!!  'Til then, keep on rocking y'all and drop me a line whenever you can, many of us are way overdue for a catch up aye!!  

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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Anthony's long lost twin?

Warning : I may sound a lot like a screaming, giggling teeny bopper in this post, I apologize in advance, please bear with me folks!! :P

OMG earlier tonight at work, I served this guy that was the SPITTING IMAGE of the gorgeous hunk whom y'all know I absolutely adore - Anthony Callea!!

*girlie squeal*

I was trying not to gawk at him and I think I succeeded, but crikey, he could've been the real deal aye!!  I highly doubt it, of course, but what are the odds of me serving someone that looks so much like the one guy I think is the hottest thing on this earth??!

Eddie was working too and when I told him about it after, the poor sweetie wasn't too chuffed that I was going on and on about this cute guy *~ AWWWW ~* but I reckon he was a tad amused all the same ;)  (and you're kinda cute yourself, darling, especially when you go a shade of green hehehe)

Anyway that put me on a bit of a high, it did *tee hee*

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Nothing beats Old School


I don't know what brought me back in time 12 years - I mean, I can barely remember things that happened to me last week with my shoddy memory - but I've recently become hooked to Phantasmagoria again. 

Phantasmagoria, especially the first one, is the best game EVER!!

I swear.

Of course, technology has grown and developed by leaps and bounds so if you were to play it now, you would think the graphics beyond shocking and the acting rather cheesy, but if you think about it within the context that it was released in 1995 - utter brilliance.   (It was one of the first games to incorporate Full Motion Video in gameplay and use a human as the main player.)

Not only is it an awesome horror (to it's purest form, let me tell ya - the opening theme song itself gave me nightmares for weeks!!), but also the gameplay is very interactive and flexible which totally fits.  As for the storyline...so awesome.  The build up of the plot is perfect and the last quarter of the game is excellent - so suspenseful!! 

Its sequel was not as great as it was a totally different story and approach so I didn't enjoy it as much as it's predecessor but all the same, a good game too for it's time.

Anyway, I'm currently trying to get me copies of both on Ebay as I loaned my original copies to "mates" (*mutters*); I never got them back and true to my memory, I can't for the life of me who I lent it to anyways.  BAH!!

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Friday, February 16, 2007
I think it's time for an update...

Some of the *few but I reckon blog-worthy* things that have been happening in my life...

Movies (of course!!)
If y'all haven't already watched Hollywoodland, please do - it's brilliant.  Thumbs up all 'round!!  However I must point out that you would have to like the whole film noir setting to truly appreciate it.  Another stellar performance from the amazing Adrien Brody - sorry Eddie, you know I love ya ;) 

Another movie Faith recommends is Stranger Than Fiction.  I really enjoyed this, very unique storyline and it was refreshing to see Will Ferrel take on a totally different, more serious role.

High School Musical
I have become extremely obsessed with this movie - much to Eddie's dismay :P  I've been listening to the soundtrack pretty much everyday...it's like back to the ol' Phantom of the Opera days, I tells ya!!  My family have had to endure my singing along to the songs all night every night and Eddie has had to live with my regular bursting into song (mostly "Breaking Free" hehe) every so often as we wander along Queen St :P  Don't worry, he assures me he is not embarrassed...yet :-S

Boyz II Men
Only found out they were having a concert like 2 weeks before, for some reason there hadn't been much publicity on it.  Anyhoo I kinda forgot about it and then barely a week before I remembered again.  Was really keen and luckily I managed to convince Patricia to accompany me for it, yay!!  Ended up getting really awesome seats too...not too shabby considering it was totally last minute!!  Anyway they were awesome (KCi & Jojo opened the show btw, they were alright) and I had fun, a nice change of activity from my normal routine :)

Valentine's Day
My first ever Valentine's spent with a "special someone"  ^_^  Didn't do anything big, just dinner at Al Dente, but I enjoyed it tremendously :)))  Thanks for a simple, but wonderful night out, darling ;)  Oooooh and I *finally* got High School Musical on DVD - thanks so much sweetie, although I honestly don't know what you were thinking, you shouldn't be encouraging this obsession of mine!!

And while I'm on the topic, just wanna take the opportunity to post a shout out to Eric - Happy Valentines and Happy Birthday to you, mate!! :D

The "New Me"?
I've recently undergone quite a change in my appearance.  I've always had a thing about needing to change my look every few months or so, it's about the only thing that I get easily bored about :P  Anyway for comparison sake, and because I really have no life and nothing better to do, check it out, yours truly over the recent years...

L-R Me 2004, 2005, 2006 respectively (ish)

Voila! ~ Moi 2007 :D

Yes, I had FINALLY gotten sick and tired of my long locks (have had them since I was 17!!) and so decided to take the brave step of going short again.  What do y'all reckon then??  Change for the better? ;)

Oh and of course, there is the glasses too hehe ;P  For those of youse who don't already know, I got 'em in Vietnam...coz they're waaaay cheaper there than if I were to have gotten them here in Auckland.  Eddie's pretty stoked about them; he has a thing with girls and glasses, y'see ;)


Eddie and I were having coffee at Starks this afternoon and you guys have gotta take a look at my Mocha, ain't it pretty???

I almost didn't have the heart to drink it :P  But then, who was I kidding, it's COFFEE!!! 

And yes, I am very easily amused.  This is why I love having a pxt phone :D 

Well that's it from me for now, 'til my next entry, youse all take care and have a good weekend yeah?! 

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Sunday, January 28, 2007
I've been tagged!!

Albeit four months ago but hey, who's counting right?? :P

This is gonna be hard as for me what with my memory but I'll try me best!!  Let's turn back the clock then...

When I was born...
I was ickle.  Tiny.  Miniscule.  Doctors couldn't believe mum was in labor and a baby was on the way.

When I was 1-5...
Lived for the first 2 years of that in the U.S. of A, while dad finished off his Masters.  Apparently I went to many places but sadly, I don't remember much, if not, anything :(  Returned to Malaysia with a heavy American accent and complained to my parents that people in Malaysia were "speaking funny" LOL.

When I was 6-9...
I remember kindergarten vaguely but I can't think of anything exciting or interesting to tell.  I do remember a class trip to the zoo and also actually having a graduation ceremony (complete with graduation robe and cap too - my parents probably still have the photo tucked away somewhere!!) on my last day.

Started primary school at age 7 not knowing a word of Malay.  Teachers wrote in my end-of-year report that  I was "hardworking, quiet (I can hear most of youse scoffing at this comment) and needs to pick up and start speaking more Malay".  Hmm.

When I was 10-13...
I remember primary school a bit more than I did kindergarten, definitely.  I made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies too.  I even remember getting into a bit of a "cat fight" with someone too!!

With the last year of primary school came the UPSR exams, of course.  I passed with flying colors, got straight A's.  I think my parents were convinced at the time that I was a brainiac and was gonna do them proud academically :P  (Sorry, mum and dad.)

I guess it was sorta true.  I recall always having awards and certificates to receive at the end-of-year prize giving ceremony.  (All this changed when I got to high school and just stopped giving a shit :P)

So yeah you could say I was pretty involved in school stuff back then.  Like it was during these years that I discovered I had this gift of "storytelling".  I moved from competing inter-form within the school to competing nationally.  I made it all the way to the finals but then got hit with an unfortunate bout of laryngitis (sp?) which affected my performance tremendously.  I came in 5th.

I also participated in debates, choral speaking and sketches.  Oooh, and entered a writing competition and not only won but got my story published in the local paper :)))  I believe my parents still have a copy lying around somewhere.

At age 13 I moved on up to secondary school.  I met a lot of new people, my circle of friends grew.  I was particularly close to these 2 girls (shame we've totally lost touch now); we were drawn together by our (then) collective obsession with The X-Files *cue X-Files theme music*

When I was 14...
I had to move school.  It sucked at the time but now on hindsight, it was definitely for the best.  Oh btw, it was quite a shift for me in the sense that I had been schooling at an all-girls school up to this point.  Now when I think back, I reckon it was a damn good thing I moved to co-ed aye.  I'm convinced most of my girl friends from the Convent whom I left behind have all become lesbians hehe.

Anyway at this time, I had started to become quite involved at church.  Joined the Youth Fellowship (YF) from the previous year and this year got appointed to join the committee.

When I was 15...
I didn't do too well in Form 2 so got into an average class stream.  The good news was everyone else in the class was pretty much way more slack than me so I did really well, LOL.  I also got to know Reena in this year (we're still in contact up to now, though only sporadically), she was a good laugh.

Sat for the PMR exams.  Did alright, 5 A's out of 7.  Realized how much I absolutely detested History and Geography. *barf*  Bane of my existence, those subjects, at the time.

I had really gotten into music by this time.  Listened to Hitz FM 24/7 and rung them up so often that the deejays began to recognize my voice.  I even started becoming really matey with one of them, John Boy :)

Was also totally crazy for british pop band, 911 (I wanted to marry lead singer Lee Brennan).   I had them splashed all over my walls, I remember (not so fondly remembered by my dad, though, let me assure you!!).

When I was 16...
I remember this age fondly.  It seems a lot happened that year.

Got really into Hitz FM.  Had pretty much daily chats with John Boy, he got me to help him out heaps with his show which was great fun.  Aside from him, also got fairly matey with Ross and Fabian - the three of them used to always hook me up with CD's and concert passes, it was so awesome!!  :D

On the schooling front, hitting Form 4 meant making the oh-so-important decision of which stream to take, arts or science.  Most buckled under peer pressure or got forced by their parents into the science stream.  I went against the tide and chose arts.  Everyone made me feel like I had made the worst decision ever and was wasting and holding back my intelligence by landing myself in the arts stream.  Close-minded arseholes.

Oh yeah, started getting really popular at church by this point.  Was really involved especially in the youth and music ministries.  Discovered that I really enjoyed singing around this time I think.  

And of course, how can I forget that I got hit on the head by a ten-foot netball pole?!  It was quite the blood bath.  I had to have 5 stitches in and the following day I went yellow from all that loss of blood.  It also hurt to laugh.  I recently realized that this is probably why I have blonde moments now and again.  

Another reason why this is a significant year in my memory - it was the year that I met my now *STILL* best friend, Samuel Yap ^_^  He had just transferred to our school.  My then best friend, Li-Yen, had a major crush on him (pretty much the moment she laid eyes on him, no less!!) and so that's how I got to know him.  Formed a bit of a tight knit group (Li-Yen, Lavy, Lydia, Sonia, Sam and moi - can you spot the thorn among the roses?), you should have heard the daily cacophony of laughs, bitching and umm, dirty jokes :P

When I was 17...
The infamous SPM year.  (Kinda equivalent to the SAT's for all you non-Malaysians reading this)  Really hectic year what with tuition everyday including for an extra subject I'd decided to take - English Literature.  My results?  4 A's out of 10.  Not exactly outstanding but by this point I had come to accept that academics wasn't really my thing.

My friendship with Eric (first got to know him when he joined the church 3 years ago) reached its peak this year.  He even started to fancy me hehe ;)  Up to this day I bet youse he still thinks the reason why nothing happened was because he was, in his words, "fat and not cute enough" *roll eyes*  Truth is, I felt he did have the "package", it's just that I didn't feel for him that way.  

Anyway I did get my first boyfriend this year :)  Sadly it didn't quite work out, we ended up only going out for a coupla weeks.  I wasn't ready for a relationship then, I don't think.

When I was 18...
Whoo hoo, the big 18!!  I can now legally drink and go clubbing.  And boy did I ;)  

Started college at Limkokwing.  Foundation in Advertising, Media and Broadcasting.  Got really close to Sonia as she was doing the same course (thank God for a familiar face!!).  Soon managed to form a new circle of friends (Joy, Emily, Benny, Ben...miss y'all heaps, hope you guys are doing great!!), we were inseparable!!

Also started working at TGv this year (where the cinema career began aye?!).  Got to know my dearest Ryan here, I still remember what an absolute sweetie to me he used to be ^_^  

When I was 19...
Left Limkokwing mid-year and started working at TGV full-time.  Became quite the "TGV bitch", customers hated me as much as I hated them.  Malaysian patrons are real bastards; very unpleasant and most treat you like you're a retard with no future.   

I started hanging out a lot with the people from work, naturally.  We went out clubbing every week - Tuesdays Ladies Night @ Planet Hollywood!! :D  Great fun that was, good times good times :)))

Managed to get Sam and also Jin Sern (another mate from high school) hired around this time.  Ryan hooked on to us and thus the "pig family" was born :)  Soon I'd appointed Sam as my best friend...and also personal chauffer ;)

Got my second go at a relationship.  It was with one of the managers...scandalous or what?? :P  I fell hard for him and though there were the good times, he turned out to be a royal bastard and a half.  After 6 months of quite a lot of ups and downs we called it quits.  He hurt me bad though :(

About 2 months later I kinda had a bit of a fling with someone at work :P  That went on for maybe a month and a bit?  That was pretty exciting, I suppose.  He was quite cute ;)

Christmas Eve brought a very sad, sad day however.  It was the day I left Malaysia to start a new life in the great Middle Earth.  It was VERY painful to leave :(  I still remember my farewell entourage, I was definitely touched that so many showed up, I felt so loved!!

When I was 20...
First year in NZ was tough.  Very tough.  I had no friends and so was very lonely.  I started learning to go about doing things by myself, for example, going to the movies.  Things got so bad that I suffered from depression for awhile.  Definitely one of the lowest points in my life.

Things perked up a bit when I started working at (Village) Skycity Cinemas.  People at work were way friendlier than my coursemates.  

I did however, make 2 friends in uni - Su-Yuen and Patricia.  I don't think I would have ended up being friends with them under any other circumstances but I'm glad that we did.  Definitely made life on campus a tad less depressing.  

I started becoming really close to Aaron, a random friend I'd gotten to know at a talent quest in Bali (the bar, not the place hehe) two years ago.  We wrote regular emails to each other.  He's such a sweetie ^_^   

My obsession for Harry Potter began here.  I finally had all the time in the world to read (from the absolute lack of a social life) so I bought the first book.  I picked it up, got hooked and the rest is history.

When I was 21...
Supposed to be a "significant" age to hit, but I didn't do anything big.  Life in NZ was pretty much still something that I endured.  

Got closer to Patricia this year because we had the same classes all year.    

Got even closer to Aaron.  I believe that we both knew that we were mutually attracted to each other ;)  Shame we were miles apart otherwise we could have been something pretty amazing, I reckon.  Oh well, if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be right?  (good thing too, of course!!)

Sonia came over for the year to finish up her degree which was a great bonus :D  Sadly, I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I'd like.  The irony is we actually chatted more when we were miles apart!! :P  Oh well, it was still comforting to know she was in the same country.

My love for Harry Potter had grown significantly by this time.  I discovered Veritaserum and applied to be a chat moderator on the site.  Coupla months later I requested to change to forums moderator as I was more active in that area :)  Made many good friends, which really surprised me, but in a good way :)   

When I was 22...
Final year of uni!!  Ended up having to specialize in Advertising because I couldn't get into any other major so that was a bit of a joke.  Assignments were bloody tough because many a time I felt so out of depth.  Didn't help that I really don't give a crap about the advertising industry aye.  

Because of the smaller group though, I did become slightly more "known" at uni.  I even had a little group of friends to hang out with in between classes!!  Hung out most with Helen, she was good fun, definitely couldn't have gotten through the year without her!!

Come mid year, I had the absolute time of my life because my 2 princes made a semi-surprise trip to visit me!! :)))  Did a whole bunch of stuff from sailing to visiting Hobbiton to dinner at a cabaret club - it certainly felt way shorter than 2 weeks, that's for sure!!  When they were leaving, I remember crying at the departure gate.  I also remember crying a lot after too :(  It had got me pretty down, their leaving.  It was because I knew that that was probably the last time I'll see them in a loooong time.  

After a 3 year hiatus, I got back into the relationship game.  It seems I still had it ;P  Anyway, it started off good but then things took a bit of a turn and then it just didn't, couldn't work out.  Ended in 2 weeks.  By this time I started getting really upset, thinking that there must definitely be something wrong with me.  That I'm doomed to never have a long-term relationship.  Patricia was an incredible friend to me during this time.  

When I was 23 to present...   
Previous year was definitely the best one since coming to NZ.

Firstly, I got the supervisor position at work in February :)  I was stoked!!  A promotion that was well-earned and truly deserved, if I do say so myself :P

I finally graduated with my BA in March.  It felt like it had taken me bloody ages, I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived!!  I didn't really care much for the actual ceremony, though.  Especially that stupid procession in the morning!!

And then of course, the best thing happened to me  - Eddie :)  

For 2 weeks in November we eloped to Vietnam.  Had an awesome time, couldn't have pictured being there with anyone else ;)  Those 2 weeks not only gave me a much needed breather from the stresses of life, but also proved to me that I'd met my match :D

And now, ten months later to present time, I'm stoked to say that things are going as great as ever ^_^  I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Having him in my life now makes the horrible, lonely years I had to endure worth it.

I love you, darling, thanks for making my days!!  MUAH!!

Phew, that took absolute ages!!  If you're reading this, blimey, I can't believe you read through all of that!!  Give yerself a pat on the back.  Hope I didn't bore you to tears, though!!

I tag whoever that has the time to spare and who would like to have a go at going down that memory lane!!

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